A Collection and Study of

Some Famous Jam?sons and Their Families

The purpose of this site is to identify 'famous' Jam?sons and to create a repository for these people, so that they can be admired and examined, with the hope and goal of determining family connections, by way of matching Y-DNA profiles.

This is a list of several Famous Jam?sons throughout history.

George Jamesone - Portrait painter "The Scottish Van Dyck" - (c1587 - 1644)

Green Berry Jameson - Chief engineer at the Alamo - (1805 - 1836)

John Jameson - Irish Whiskey Distiller - (1740 - 1823)

Sir John Jamison - Prominent Australian Physician, Landowner and Constitutional Reformer - (1776 - 1844)

Leander Starr Jameson - South African Prime Minister, Jameson Raid (South Africa 1895) - (1853 - 1917)

Robert Jameson - Renown Naturalist and Mineralogist, taught Darwin - (1774 - 1854)

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